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Lasting Change starts with a Decision

You decide who you want to be, how you want to feel, and what you want your life to look like. It happens before you ever walk into a therapist’s office, or make that first phone call. That decision to get better, move forward, and live a life that is intentional is the most important decision you will ever make. It’s the foundation that shapes everything else you do from this moment forward. 

Nobody can make that change for you or tell you who you are. When you’re ready to make that choice, you’ll start to see changes that you never even thought were possible. When you decide to be open to the possibility that you could actually do better, and that it’s something worth investing in, you’ll be surprised at what you can actually do.


Your Natural State is to be Healthy

When you look at others who are struggling, you can tell it’s not their natural state. From the very moment when you first existed, you were designed from the ground up to be healthy. Not just physically healthy, but mentally, and emotionally healthy as well.

The human body is remarkable. It fights off diseases and injuries every single day, healing and repairing itself constantly so that you can live an active and vibrant life. Your body does all of this in the background without you ever having to monitor it. In the same way that your body knows how to heal itself, your mind also has all of the tools it needs to repair itself as well. Your mind already has everything it needs for you to be healthy, happy, and successful. It’s designed that way.


The negative parts of you aren't who you are, it's who you were taught to be

When you struggle with negativity or self doubt, that’s not you, and that’s not something that you did. That’s something that was done to you. Nobody starts off thinking that they aren’t good enough, or that they’re bad or weak, or anything at all. They start off a blank slate, and somewhere along the line, somebody convinced them that  “not good enough,” is the best they can ever be.

The real you, the you that isn’t held back by “the bad parts” is vibrant and engaging and full of life and enthusiasm. At the center of you, when you get past the hurt and pain that others have put on you, there is a life that is waiting, begging to be explored. A life where you live authentically as yourself with no apologies. That ember in there, keeping everything still going; that’s who you are.


Surface decisions can only create surface change

Unfortunately, creating deep and meaningful change isn’t as simple as just wanting it. It helps, but you also have to heal deep down. If you want change to be real, and you want that change to be permanent, you have to make change on the level those problems are stemming from. Surface decisions can only create surface changes. That’s where a lot of therapy methods fail. They try to address subconscious conflicts with surface changes.

Your subconscious is the part of your mind that regulates your breathing, your heartbeat, your  hunger, your pain, your beliefs, and your emotions. It’s the part of your mind that’s in charge of keeping you alive and safe, and it doesn’t make those changes lightly. It’s slow and steady. If willpower and focus are a wave on the beach, your subconscious is the tide.

Willpower and focus are short term, surface resources. They help plan your day, and push through a crisis, but they aren’t tools for permanent change. On the other hand, when you make change at a deep, subconscious level, it’s there to stay. It doesn’t feel like a struggle and it doesn’t feel like work: It’s simply who you are.


Hypnotherapy is the science of positive change at the subconscious level

Hypnotherapy is the science of working with the subconscious to create real, powerful, and lasting change. It’s not fringe science, it’s core mental health. Although your subconscious is designed to change slowly, there are specific situations where change happens rapidly, like in emergencies, or when you have an epiphany. This state of rapid change is what we call hypnosis, and it happens every day.

Hypnotherapy is the science of  figuring out all the ways people create rapid change in their daily life, and then replicating that in a controlled way. More importantly, it is the science of using that state to help you decide who you want to be in a way that is lasting and life changing.


NoVa Hypnotherapy specializes in Clinical Hypnotherapy

NoVa Hypnotherapy specializes in working with serious, clinical issues. Hypnotherapy isn’t just about changing habits, it’s about changing lives. We specialize in working with the root of an issue, so that instead of just managing symptoms, you can finally just be healthy and move forward confidently with the rest of your life.

The scientific literature is in. Hypnotherapy is effective for a wide range of serious issues, including Anxiety, Depression, ADD, PTSD, Addiction, Chronic Medical Conditions, and everything in between. We work adjunctively with Doctors and Clinicians to give you the best possible care.


Every session is unique to you

No two people are identical, so why should your sessions be? NoVa Hypnotherapy was started with the intent to raise the standard of care. We believe that change happens on an individual basis. That means a session tailored to your individual needs, and no cookie-cutter scripts. In your first session, we will determine your situation, your goals, and then determine which approach will work best for you and your individual psychology. 

That means no wasted sessions, no lost time, and a quality of attention and care that is vital for your well-being. Your hypnotherapist is actively invested in your success and progress. Every person who works with you has been carefully vetted to be somebody who treats your progress as more than just a job.


Your progress is measured in sessions, not years

Change can often take real work, but it doesn’t have to take a long time. The whole purpose of hypnotherapy is that it works quickly in the way that your mind is designed. Our average client only comes in for a few sessions before reaching their first goal, and even faster for their second goal. Although everyone’s progress is different, we do everything we can to ensure that you see results quickly.

We don’t do session packages, and we don’t do gimmicks or sales. We help people create life changing results for themselves. If for some reason we think you aren’t going to see those results quickly, we’ll tell you up front.


Contact us for your first session, or for a free consultation by phone

If you are ready to create change in your life right now, or if you just want to know more about hypnotherapy from an experienced practitioner, we’ll make sure that all of your questions are answered. We believe that hypnotherapy is more than just a sales pitch, it’s the future of mental health.

We’ll answer all of your questions, even if you’re just curious. You don’t have to book, and we’ll never pressure you into anything. If you’re just shopping around, we’ll give you a list of questions you can ask to help you find the best hypnotherapist in your area.

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